Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Becky and co

This can seem to be illogic, but I want to start with my newest crocheting.
What I do like to show you is my pretty Becky the Cobra:
Betty is crocheted and contains wired framework. She is about half meter long. She can easily take any form you want. I've called her and any other figure of such a type quasi-flat. Thus the figure itself is flat but because of wire it becomes 3D.
I've also crocheted some little friends for Becky:
These snakes are much smaller (about 21-22 cm long), but they can be used as bookmarks (when flat), bracelets and so on.
A week ago I brought Becky in my office, and now she lives near computer and helps my to program!
I would be happy to know what do you think about my quasi-flat figures!

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  1. I think these snakes are fantastic!!