Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blue pincushion

I continue playing with metal wire and crocheting. Today I crocheted something that suddenly appeared to be a pincushion:
Do you see that its sides look different? That's because there is a wire in the last (9th) row of light blue side. I should insert it in the connection row (10th) as I wanted to change form of both side at ones. But this variant is interesting too. I think I will try to play around with number of corners and wire position.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Snake story

Snakes are obviously my passion as I'm was born in the Year of Snake. So...
It was an early autumn when I suddenly realized that I want to knit a snake. I've already crocheted the little one when I was a child. But this time I wanted to make a big one - a Snake. Unfortunately there wasn't place for it in my room. And I asked my friends if somebody wants to get such a present - but nobody wanted.
I was trying to find a place when the relatives of my husband visited us - together with his little cousin Denis. I asked the boy too, without any hope - boys prefer cars and pistols... But what a great surprise it was for me, when he agreed with pleasure!
I knitted with light heart, and my hands didn't let me down: Denis and Snake liked each other!
 They play together...
 And have a rest together...
Denis loves his Snake, and for this it keeps away from troubles the boy, who was born in the year of Snake... 

Becky and co

This can seem to be illogic, but I want to start with my newest crocheting.
What I do like to show you is my pretty Becky the Cobra:
Betty is crocheted and contains wired framework. She is about half meter long. She can easily take any form you want. I've called her and any other figure of such a type quasi-flat. Thus the figure itself is flat but because of wire it becomes 3D.
I've also crocheted some little friends for Becky:
These snakes are much smaller (about 21-22 cm long), but they can be used as bookmarks (when flat), bracelets and so on.
A week ago I brought Becky in my office, and now she lives near computer and helps my to program!
I would be happy to know what do you think about my quasi-flat figures!

Hello again!

I decided to do this at last - to start English blog for my knitting and crocheting. In fact, I have several blogs already - is English blog for tatting and is Russian one for all my handmade. This seemed to me a bit unfair that most of my followers can't read about my toys and cloths and other things. Thus I will post here my best old works and most of the new ones.
Oh, and one more thing: I've recently registered on Actually, it was in February, then I forgot about it, then I remembered again... Well, soon I will add my projects there: You are welcome!